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Clean Eating Challenge

19 Feb

Well, I think it’s time to do something about my eating… Too many times I’ve had an eating plan (eat healthy during the week and then eat whatever on weekends) and then fallen away from it because I didn’t plan ahead for meals, or my husband has a McDonald’s craving and I jumped on the bandwagon or there’s some special event/dinner/birthday/occasion and I feel like I “deserve” to eat all the unhealthy stuff.

I have tried numerous diet/weight loss plans- weight watchers, Body for Life, and cleanses and I know what it takes to eat healthy but I just don’t seem to follow through.  Recently I found myself feeling jealous when I read a friend’s blog post about following the clean eating plan for a month and finding her already petite body tightening and shrinking and becoming leaner and healthier.  It is ridiculous to eat my daughters leftover birthday cake late at night while being jealous that my friend who is following through on eating healthy is becoming leaner!  I recognize the ridiculousness in this and am ashamed of it!  Soooo, typically I would say “Starting on Monday I’m going to begin the Clean Eating plan.” But, Mark is big time believer in not starting on Monday/1st of the month/after such and such a holiday, he believes if you are serious, you start today!  So today for lunch, while he was eating a cheeseburger and fries, I resisted temptation and had a huge salad with lots of fresh greens and veggies, avocado, boiled egg and a homemade dijon vinegarette.  I didn’t feel satisfied after I ate, which I often don’t with salads, cause I feel like I need something grainy, or bready, to actually chew… not just leaves… but, I had a big glass of ice water with a squeeze of lime and waited a bit, and now I feel perfectly satisfied.  Not full, not boated, not hungry, just 100% comfortably content… kinda like my body has just been perfectly and properly fueled… funny how that works.

Anyways, so I’m excited to join Macy in healthy breakfasts of hot cereal (oatmeal, red river, cream of wheat etc.) with berries or other fruit, and my big healthy salads for lunch.  I’m looking forward to exploring some of the delicious recipes from Clean Eating for dinner.  I’ve already made a few meals from Clean Eating that even Mark has loved!  Lots of Mexican influenced recipes, and a few chicken stirfry/stew type of dishes.  I think the challenge for me will be finding good snacks for in between meals.  I tend to get bored of the typical cottage cheese, fruit, yogurt etc. types of healthy snacks.  But Clean Eating isn’t like Weight Watchers or Atkins or something in that you are limiting carbs cause of high calories or points.  You are cutting out REFINED foods and eating foods in their most natural and pure (clean) form.  So, I could find a recipe for some delicious clean muffins, and maybe I’m using honey or maple syrup instead of lots of white sugar, and whole wheat flour instead of white.  I’m sure there are lots of options.  There are even clean desserts if you look for them.  So this should be okay if I plan for it and have lots of healthy clean foods on hand.

I’m setting the goal of following Clean Eating for one week to begin with.  I know myself, and if I say I’m going to do this faithfully for one month, or until Easter or something down the road I will feel overwhelmed and I will give up at some weak moment!  But, to say I can do this for a week should be attainable, and then I will renew the commitment after that point.  I know that the fat will melt off my body when I stick to this healthy way of eating, but I will also combine this with regular exercise to really make a difference.  I have been going for lots of walks with my friend and neighbour Andrea, and Macy and Andrea’s dog Finn.  I wear Macy in a backpack because of all the snow and our walk consists of uneven ground with slight dips and rises and two significant (well, significant to me with about an extra 30 lbs on my back) hills.  We’ve been going about 3 or 4 times a week, so I will say I’m committing to going 3 times a week (even if Andrea can’t make it, Macy and I will go on our own) and going to the gym 2 times a week.  That is 5 days of decent exercise combined with healthy eating.

I’m looking forward to seeing a difference in how I feel (and possibly even look) at the end of the week!